Google Adsense Course Overview

The initial thing that every blogger need is to earn a decent regular income from his website. If we come to Ads for earning money online, then Google Adsense is the initial and most approved option as it’s the king of all advertizing companies. It offers the highest rates than any other advertizing platform, has flexible payment process, supports many languages and shows most relevant ads according to your niche.

Actually, it’s a PPC (Pay per Click) Ad Network which converts your viewers into Us Dollar. Unique visits you have on your site, the more you will make money.
If you are the beginner to Google Adsense, then you don’t need to hesitate about anything as this course will teach you what is Google Adsense and how it works? You will also understand the difference between PPC (Pay per click) and CPM (Cost per Impression).

About SEO Training Course

We are a team of experts who believe in presenting the Good Knowledge keeping in the mind the development of technology and its effect on the world out there. With this very motto and lots of determination, we have started Advanced Technnovatio Labs.
We Target at Offer quality technical knowledge and training to our students and make them Admirable. With a balanced mix of theory and practical Approach, we offer many training courses like Web Design, SEO, SMO.

The course covers core concepts of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing, and Email Marketing.

The course will also help you master tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube and Facebook

SSC Passed students.
Intermediate students.
Post Graduates.
Business People

  • Students
  • Business People
  • Market executives
  • entrepreneur
  • Investors
  • IT professional
  • HR professional

Google Adsense Course Syllabus

  • How to get Google Analytics code, how to add into your own website, how to access analytics reports
  • How to signup for Google AdSense account, how to create ads, how to place ads on your website, how to monitor revenue
  • How to setup Google AdWords account, how search keyword density, how to setup an AdWord campaign and monitor them
  • How to use Google Maps, how to customize, how to embed Google maps into your website
  • How to get Google Custom Search code, how to integrate custom search code into your website
  • How to use Google Drive & Spreadsheets, sharing spreadsheets to other Google users, how to create Google Forms, how to embed Google Forms into your websites
  • How to authorize a website in your Google Web Master Tools, how to submit sitemap

Our Students Reviews

The in depth knowledge of Faculty as far as how google works and how Adwords operates is something extraordinary. The way he teaches is also very simple that you might learn the most difficult concept with utmost ease.


Had an awesome time learning about the potential of social media. Venkat sir, the Lead trainer, is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. I Had a good experience. Looking forward to more classes on interesting topics. Thanks.


It is very glad to tell that I got very good exposure in SEO Training. The faculty has taught the subject in depth and very understandable way. I wish SEO Training Course a best of luck and will recommend anyone who is eager to learn a subject.