Google Analytics Course Overview

Google Analytics Certification Course in our institute is 45days program course for digital marketing, and SEO professionals so that they can scan the performance of a website very precisely to work in the correct way. The training program of this Google Analytics course is conducted by an experienced trainer in our institute and our Google Analytics instructors will teach all the following given topics.

Research by Seo Training Course has shown that over 70% of industries now use Google Analytics systems to analyze online performance. However, frequently once the tool is in place there seems to be a “what next” moment.
You’ll learn how to get useful information from the tool so you can begin optimizing your site, online marketing, and content.
Your website will also be viewed by an industry expert, who will make recommendations as to the best starting points for your own analysis.

About SEO Training Course

We are a team of experts who believe in presenting the Good Knowledge keeping in the mind the development of technology and its effect on the world out there. With this very motto and lots of determination, we have started Advanced Technnovatio Labs.
We Target at Offer quality technical knowledge and training to our students and make them Admirable. With a balanced mix of theory and practical Approach, we offer many training courses like Web Design, SEO, SMO.

The course covers core concepts of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing, and Email Marketing.

The course will also help you master tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube and Facebook

SSC Passed students.
Intermediate students.
Post Graduates.
Business People

  • Students
  • Business People
  • Market executives
  • entrepreneur
  • Investors
  • IT professional
  • HR professional

Google Analytics Course Syllabus?


In real time the information tracked is about the locations, traffic sources, content, events, and conversions. This is more accurate about the users of the website in real time.


It gives the information about how many users actually visited the website till now and how many sessions the user has visited and the number of users, number of page views, average session duration, and bounce rate of the website.


This behavior button gives the information about the new and returning users to a website. And frequently visited users on our website. And it also gives the information about what technology and mobile the user is using and source channel details.


The acquisition gives the information about the website and what web sources the user is using on our website. In this, there are different channels to visit a website. The channels are divided into types like Direct channel, organic channel, Social media channel, Referral, Ad words, Search console. It also tells about site content, site speed, site search, and conversions.

So Google analytics is more useful to the search engine optimization (SEO) for designing the website for ranking and marketing in a Google search results. And for user requirements, we can modify the website for more visitors to a website.



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Our Students Reviews

The in depth knowledge of Faculty as far as how google works and how Adwords operates is something extraordinary. The way he teaches is also very simple that you might learn the most difficult concept with utmost ease.


Had an awesome time learning about the potential of social media. Venkat sir, the Lead trainer, is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. I Had a good experience. Looking forward to more classes on interesting topics. Thanks.


It is very glad to tell that I got very good exposure in SEO Training. The faculty has taught the subject in depth and very understandable way. I wish SEO Training Course a best of luck and will recommend anyone who is eager to learn a subject.